Thursday, September 13, 2007

No, Nature didn't kill me. Neither did Theater.

I'd planned, as I always do, to write more from "theater camp." There was certainly plenty to blog about. I even took some photos with the specific goal of posting them. They're still in my phone. The problem isn't so much that I'm busy when I'm up there (though I am), it's that my whole routine is different. I barely watch TV, barely read, barely listen to podcasts (the latter two by virtue of not having any commute or gym time to speak of). When I come home it takes me weeks to catch up on TV, reading, podcasts and the gym, plus digging out my normal life and quality time with Boy and Kitten. So I lose momentum and it's hard to get it back.

But I'm here! And it was a pretty great summer, especially after my professional pitfalls last spring.

I'm working an office job right now which gives me occasional staring-at-the-screen downtime but rarely enough to formulate a substantial post. Plus, I'm working for friends who actually read this blog, so how would that look? As I often do when I start thinking about the blog again but can't quite muster up anything to say, I've been mucking around with my template. I added fancy widgets to the sidebar that tell you what I've shared on Google Reader, rented from Netflix, or purchased from iTunes, and I did a long-overdue update of the links. Does anyone still read this thing? Meh, when was that ever the point?

More to come soon. I just wanted to say hi and welcome myself back.