Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Word From Our Sponsor

Responding to comments and clarifying...

Yes, MCM, that actually solves the mystery of the non-commercial-commercial break in NPR's podcasts completely. Thanks! (I still think Ira Glass sounds silly saying sponsor tag-lines though.)

And I didn't mean to imply that fast-forwarding through ads is BAD. I certainly don't watch commercials on my DVR because I feel morally obligated to support the fine people who pay for my programming. Mostly I'm just lazy. I was talking about all the griping about how networks' websites and and the like make you watch an ad before your video starts. I mean, hey, if users can find a way to skip that, more power to 'em. I just don't blame the content-providers for trying to get paid is all.

On the "DVRs are cool" front, I recently caught the tail end of an ad that had a banner over it saying something like "Press A on your remote for more information." I hadn't been paying attention and it went away just after I looked up. When I rewound, it was gone, so whatever it was it was live and presumably would only have worked for the brief time the message was on the screen. It has nothing to do with fast-forwarding, but it's a pretty cool way of making things more interactive and therefore more interesting. I'm certainly not in the market for a car, but if I'd seen the banner in time I would've pushed the button just out of curiosity!