Monday, February 04, 2008

A highly intelligent post about politics

I was chatting with a friend about not knowing who to vote for tomorrow since Edwards dropped out. She sent me this article a friend of hers wrote, which got us on the topic of Obama's qualifications. "I don't mind his lack of experience," I said, "because I think he'll surround himself with good people and inspire them to do good work. And he's not a douchebag."

What does it say about the state of our country, our political system, and the times we live in, that "not a douchebag" is so much of what it comes down to? I care about a lot of issues, but "not a douchebag" is pretty much on the top of my list. From my close, personal relationship with President Bartlett, I gather that to be a good President, you need to keep an open mind, listen to your advisors, and, I dunno, maybe consider the wishes and needs of the people who elected you from time to time. These are not things a douchebag is good at.

And so, Barak Obama is not a douchebag. I think Hillary Clinton might be a bit of a douchebag, but only a little and I like her policies. I certainly don't see myself voting Republican, but I think John McCain is probably not a douchebag, and Mitt Romney probably is. Rudy Guiliani is most definitely an enormous douchebag. And obviously, George W. Bush is gigantic fucking douchebag.

So may the best man or woman win tomorrow, and free us from President Douchebag.

For the record, this conversation really happened, and this was posted 3 days before The Daily Show did an extended douchebag riff on Romney. Not that I'm suggesting they stole it from me, I'm just clarifying that I didn't steal it from them! Clearly, theirs was much funnier.