Saturday, February 23, 2008

Phone Pics

I was transferring photos off my phone today to email a couple and I found some I forgot I had taken.

I've walked by this door many times (it's on 41st Street, between the two terminals of Port Authority) but never noticed it before - maybe the lettering is new. The spelling mistake is just so ODD.
At first I just read it as ACTIVE, 'cause I knew what it was supposed to say. Then I thought it said ATIVE, because my brain really couldn't process ATVIE. How did one letter go missing and three go completely out of order in a six-letter word? It stands out even more because the rest of it looks so good (I mean, for what it is).

These are from a slightly drunk walk through midtown after an opening night party on a cloudy January night. I just had one of those "I never get tired of this city" moments (well, two of them, I guess).