Monday, March 24, 2008

The Muffin Man

During my many recent months of under-employment, I developed a habit which is quite dangerous to my health: Baking. Really, in light of my last post, couldn't I be addicted to exercising? I've always enjoyed working in the kitchen, but all those days sitting at home and watching Martha and needing projects to fill my time stepped it up a notch. The gadget at the top of my wish list right now isn't an iPod Touch (though it's on there too), it's a KitchenAid stand mixer.

It's the perfect hobby for me – just time-consuming enough, not very expensive, and able to buy the affection of others. I thought about putting it on my resume: "If you hire me, I will bring treats to work often."

One week I spontaneously decided to make cookies, but was repeatedly thwarted by my missing just one ingredient, and being too stupid to do a full inventory before going to the store. This inspired me to turn my kitchen cabinet, after several visits to church The Container Store, from this...

100_0885.JPG this...


I am now prepared to bake on a moment's notice. After I obsessively tracked its price on Amazon (which changed oddly frequently), my KitchenAid is on its way. It's black and chrome, so it will match my future iPod Touch. But maybe I should leave it in the box and mix everything by hand to try to get in some cardio.