Friday, April 11, 2008

Commas Are Good Sarah Marshall

There are these teaser posters all over town for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, with large black magic markery text on a white background. Given the stark design aesthetic, I can almost forgive the complete lack of punctuation, except that for a while I didn't fully understand them. It wasn't clear if they were mean statements to Sarah Marshall, mean statements from Sarah Marshall, or in one case, statements about what the reader does to Sarah Marshall ("YOU SUCK SARAH MARSHALL").

When I saw a commercial for the movie I figured out that they're statements to Veronica Mars Sarah Marshall, as if Jason Segel (who, confusingly, plays Marshall on How I Met Your Mother) had scrawled them on walls. I guess. Since I don't really give ads in the subway much thought (I've already given these more than they deserve), when I see them now I unconsciously correct them (meaning from context and all that) and move on.

Apparently, someone else in my neighborhood couldn't let go so easily:

I must find this kindred spirit and commend him on his worthy vandalism! Maybe I'll buy him a Sharpie.