Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'd never heard of this until a few weeks ago, but there's apparently a very popular series of children's books called Flat Stanley, about a boy who's crushed in a horrible accident but makes the best of it and uses his new, highly desirable, Calvin Klein model waistline to slide under doors and things and spy for the government. Um, or something like that.

Anyway, the books have inspired school children to make their own Flat Stanleys and mail them places, pen-pal style. The Stanley recipient then shows Stanley around his hometown, or puts him to work in his sweatshop or whatever, takes photos, and sends them back to the child. I'm not really sure what the kid has to do besides color. I don't think she even addressed the envelope. It's kind of a scam, actually.

Anyway again, we got Boy's niece's Flat Stanley this year. I guess last year Boy's aunt set the bar high with farm animals or something, so we were basically challenged to top her. Fortunately, we live in New York City. Also fortunately, the weather finally got nice last week. Also also fortunately, while I'm not a hugely competitive person, this is the sort of challenge that I love. I definitely got some funny looks wandering around with my camera and a paper cut-out dude (some of which were even captured in the photos), but it was really fun. And I don't even like children!

So for some fun NYC pics (that happen to have a small, flat person blocking half the scenery), here are my Flat Stanley photos on Flickr.
Flat Stanley meets Wax Samuel L Jackson