Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Me and Hello Kitty Down by the Schoolyard

Trying to blog more, even if it's just silly little things. I have a bunch of photos on my phone I'd nearly forgotten about. Here they are!

Car full of puppies!

Saw this mural in a Northern Blvd. schoolyard the other day and thought it was awesome in its strangeness. I'm not sure what the benefit of a flying 7 train would be, especially if it had to stay near the tracks like that. But if it's faster, I'm all for it.
For any non-New Yorkers out there, it's grammatically correct; that's the borough/county of Queens, and it is confusingly singular. If it said "Queens are the future," it would mean something totally different - but no less awesome!

Walking down Park Avenue last week, I passed these metal Hello Kitty statues in an office building plaza. These would be strange and out of place enough on their own, but they're also fountains. Yes, that's not a trick of the light: Hello Kitty is weeping. And the one that's not projectile-crying looks like it's about to attack Manhattan.
The hell?