Sunday, June 08, 2008

The more things change...

At my 10th high school reunion, dinner was held out on the athletic field, and it rained all day. There were tents, of course, but the ground was very muddy, and most of the girls had worn cute little shoes and were quite pissed off.

So I'm convinced that, as revenge, the ladies of the class of '93 chipped in for a weather dominator to make it obscenely hot for our 15th reunion yesterday, so they could parade around in their little sundresses while the boys sweat like we were in hell – actual hell, not just high school.

Heat wave aside, the event made me nostalgic. Not for high school, but for my 10th reunion. I guess I was trying to manufacture some nostalgia for the early 90s by making a playlist of songs that made me think of school, and what I actually thought was, "Wow, five years ago I didn't have an iPod." This got my brain going on a stream of consciousness about the many ways my life was different just a short five years ago. And isn't that why blogs were invented?

In June, 2003...
...I didn't own an iPod. cell phone, a Motorola StarTac, had a black and white, text-only screen, and no camera or text messaging. camera, for that matter, used film. computer was a purple clamshell iBook.
...I lived alone.
...I rented.
...I had never had a pet.
...I was 2 years away from going to Undisclosed Location Summer Theater, and 4 months away from meeting the man who would take me there.
...I was working at an Off-Broadway theater that has since been torn down.
...I believed my stage management career was starting to take off.
...I was a stage manager. (Oh yeah, I still haven't blogged about that whole new job thing, have I?)
...I had blonde highlights.
...I couldn't conceive of the American people being stupid enough to re-elect George W. Bush.
...Buffy and Dawson's Creek had only been off the air for a month.
...the WB was still a network.
...Logo was not.
...Facebook and YouTube didn't exist.
...I didn't have a DVR.
...I wore glasses
...I didn't have a blog.