Sunday, June 15, 2008

With great appliances comes great responsibility

Boy and I are the proud new owners of a beautiful dishwasher. Except for a few weeks each of the summers I worked at Undisclosed Location Summer Theater, I have never lived anywhere with a dishwasher, and I'm extremely excited. But why the fuck is it so complicated? At this point, I feel kind of like an old hand at purchasing appliances, and the dishwasher is like no other.

I suppose even if I'd had one before I wouldn't have realized that dishwashers come naked. Unlike every other major appliance I can think of, they do not come with any sort of shell around the top and sides. You have to have a spot under your kitchen counter for it. I just don't get this. In case this is all news to you too, here is the naked dishwasher:

You'd never buy a refrigerator that way, and have to put it in a closet. (Okay, as someone has pointed out in the comments, you MIGHT do this - there are such things as built-in fridges - but the point is you'd still have options!) Even clothes washers, seemingly the dishwasher's closest relatives, come fully self-contained, with a plug that sticks in a wall outlet. Oh yeah, that's the other thing: There's no plug. It has to be wired. What the fuck? AND, Home Depot will only install a dishwasher if they're replacing your existing one. So you pay them 60 bucks to remove the hoses from one and attach them to the other. If it were that simple, I'd have no problems! (And yes, I knew all this before we bought it, it wasn't like a scary shock when it arrived in the apartment, but that makes it no less annoying.)

I'll spare you the details of this bizarre DIY project, but I'll definitely post more pics when it's finished. If today's trip to Home Depot for supplies is any indication, it may be a while. In the meantime, if anyone can explain to me why dishwashers are retarded, I'd love to know!

Oh, and on the same day we bought the dishwasher, Boy and I went to Queens Borough Hall and got officially domestic partnered. Since neither of us is a City employee or a fishmonger, this doesn't really do a whole lot for us, but it has a few legal perks, and there's something nice about making it a little bit official after almost 7 years. Now if that piece of paper could wash our dishes for us, I'd've led with it.

This photo nicely sums up the wedding at city hall experience: