Wednesday, July 09, 2008


So I've been traveling a little for work (oh, right, new job, blog about it), and mostly I haven't been bringing my camera because they're brief business trips without much sightseeing so I don't want to bother with one more thing to carry. But last month I was in Maine and found myself taking lots of pictures with my phone - though more of the kitchy safety card on my tiny, fairly ancient-seeming plane than of the scenery. I think I was somewhat inspired by Glark and Tara's "Atomic Tour" podcast and photo blogs, which are far more entertaining than they have any right to be. (Not that Glark and Tara aren't entertaining – they helped found and write for TWoP before NBC went and fucked it all up – but I've essentially been avidly watching the vacation slides of people I've never met. Which I guess is no different from any blog, but all the other podcasts I listen to are a little more presentational than a married couple chatting about their day of driving. But I'm totally hooked.)

Aaaanyway, speaking of other people's vacation slides, here's my dispatch from Maine.

Do you think when Rent closes next month this person will drive her car off a cliff?

This gelato? Not a fiasco at all! Unless you consider all the weight I would gain if I lived in Brunswick and could go here every day. Why would you name your business establishment this? Seems like tempting fate in a bad way. I wonder if a husband and wife fought over spending their life savings on an ice cream joint, and the one who didn't want to said, "Well this will be a fiasco." Curious. Anyway, I'm told they do quite well.

Next door, though... not so interested in this "experience."

It's Maine! We're folksy! I love that these rocking chairs litter the Portland airport, but no other attempt was made to make the building look like anything other than a modern (and quite nice) airport. I did spend quite a bit of time in one though, as my flight was delayed and it was near an outlet for my laptop.

Hey, where's the plane?

Dodging sniper fire.


I'm not much of a flier. It doesn't freak me out but I just don't enjoy it, and I don't do it very often. This plane, despite having my own "row" made me very claustrophobic. Also, when it was on the ground, there was this horrible squeaking noise that made me think of the cartoon landing gear from Amazing Stories

I was slightly obsessed with the old-school safety card on the tiny plane.
In case of heat vision, please locate the emergency exit closest to your seat.



Who would pull out a remote controlled car on a plane?

In the event of a water landing, this aircraft is equipped with a floating light bulb to distract your infant from his imminent death.