Monday, September 01, 2008

When Animal Planet Meets Logo

A month ago, Radish was diagnosed with a bladder infection, which was causing a urinary obstruction. This freaked us out (and was no fun for him either) but it's quite common in cats, and we and our vet were confident that after a couple of days of in-patient care followed by a course of medication, he'd be fine.

Not so much. He was better, but "better" involved mild incontinence, which required him to be locked in the kitchen, and a damaging amount of licking himself (apparently a cat's response to basically any problem), which required him to wear a cone on his head.

Then today he got worse, and was clearly blocked again. And because it's a holiday, this meant taking him to Kitteh and Puppeh ER (Vetrinarian's Hospital, the continuing story of a quack who's gone to the dogs). In spite of the traumatic subway ride into Manhattan, and as much as we like our local vet, there was actually something very comforting about the shiny, well-staffed, open-on-a-holiday hospital.

Long story short, at the recommendation of both our regular vet and those at the hospital, we left Radish there to have surgery to enlarge his urethra, thus making it easier for him to pass future blockages. Y'know how they enlarge a male cat's urethra? They remove his penis!! Sure, he's neutered and doesn't really have any use for it, but OWIE!

So I guess it's a good thing we gave him a unisex name. Please leave your suggestions for his drag name in the comments.

And because a cat in a cone is usually as funny as it is sad, here are some photos:

We tried this neck-brace-like collar for a day. It's supposed to provide more mobility and vision (he kept bumping the cone into things) but still keep him from bending enough to hurt himself. He got out of it in a matter of hours.

So we went traditional:

I'm looking forward to 2 more weeks of post-op cone hi-jinks!