Sunday, February 22, 2009

On the Oscars

I hate the Oscars. Not the show. Not awards in general. No, I hate the way it turns me against the nominated movies.

I don't go to the movies much, and my Netflix queue is a mile long. So it's rare that I've seen many nominated films when the awards are actually given out. But it's also rare that I want to. Even before the nominations come out, I have this immediate, irrational distaste for "prestige movies." If something has even the faintest smell of Oscar-bait, I'm out. And after the nominations, forget it. I just assume it's pretentious and over-hyped and I don't want to see it.

While that's probably true of Benjamin Button, I'd probably like Milk and Slumdog and Revolutionary Road. But now I hate them, just because.

I do enjoy a good musical montage though!


Anonymous said...

Just testing

tim said...

I hated Slumdog.