Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nature Calls

Earlier this summer, my apartment building finished work on a garden/patio/courtyard thing out back, seen here at its official opening party:

It's lovely...not that I've spent any time there...but I've considered it. Anyway, in the past few nights I've noticed an unmistakeable sound: crickets. Well, possibly just one cricket. But really? Crickets? Is there anything more annoying? In Queens, for god's sake?

This evening I heard something I'm pretty sure was a cicada. Or maybe a Mansquito. It was very unnerving. I live in the city because I don't like nature. I'm all about some oxygen-providing plants in a controlled setting, and the turtle in the pond is cute, but noise-making insects have no place here. Next thing you know we'll have wolves eating housecats and monkeys flinging poo at the windows.

I intend to call management and demand that concrete be poured over the whole mess tomorrow.

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