Saturday, September 05, 2009

On Twits

I reject the idea that technology has brought a scourge of rudeness to our society. Okay, true, the guy texting or twittering (I refuse to say "tweet," which I acknowledge is just as much an affectation as saying it) while having a conversation with you is probably being more overtly rude than he was before he had an iPhone, but chances are he would have been just as easily – if less noticeably – distracted before. Technology has provided new tools of distraction, but people have always zoned out or doodled during meetings, played Free Cell during conference calls, and read the side of the cereal box at the breakfast table.

Maybe, in a twisted way, it's better now. Now you know the douchebag on his Blackberry in the meeting isn't listening to you and can plan accordingly, whereas before you might have thought he was taking notes when he was really drawing spirals and spaceships.

Also: Oh hai. I've been thinking about blogging again. So, y'know, here's a post. Not a very good one...inauspicious start...

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