Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On Loving Things

A couple of days after my last post I added this genius image from Failblog to it, and I didn't want anyone who'd already read it to miss out:

Also yesterday Salon ran a piece called "In Defense of Twi-Hards" by Jessanne Collins, which I thought was also worth posting as a rebuttal to the failing of that photo, and to my own post. Not that I don't have the courage of my convictions or anything, but hey, other people are smart too (and get paid to write on the internet!).

Gather several thousand screaming, grease-painted New Englanders in a stadium and what do you have? A Patriots game. Pitch a couple dozen tents outside an Apple store and what do we call it? A strikingly common upper-middle class affliction characterized by enthusiastic gadget consumption. Play Xbox until your eyes bleed and who are you? An American teenager. Now raise your hand if you lost sleep hitting refresh on FiveThirtyEight during the last presidential election or could be witnessed pumping your fist in the air in a pub before noon at any point in the last two weeks. I thought so.

We're a nation of rabid fans. We love loving things that other people love. We love loving things, period.

I've never done any of those things (even my rabid Apple fandom couldn't make me stand in that line!) but I appreciate the point, and I do love loving things. Read the whole thing here.

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