Sunday, August 08, 2010

Old Enough to Run for President

(and dropping that whole "On..." thing in the titles)

Shortly after I decided to make a real effort to start blogging with some regularity, my friend Ethan (coincidentally) shared this article about how writing for an audience, even if there isn't actually one there, is good for your brain and makes you a better reader. I completely agree, but what to write?

Yesterday was my birthday. 35 used to sound old but now that I'm here it feels pretty much the same as 29, only fatter and with more grey hair. I have most of the trappings of adulthood – a "husband," a mortgage, a job, an IRA, health insurance, a cat – but I've never fully felt like a grown-up. Maybe that's because I was never a big partier; I've always been a fan of naps. Maybe it's because I work in theater, which is a lot more casual than corporate, and also leads to having lots of younger friends. Maybe it's because so few of my friends have kids, though that's starting to change. But I think probably it's because the whole idea of "feeling like a grown-up" is a fallacy; I feel like me, and my life is my life.

To celebrate, I spent 6 hours straight drinking at the newer beer garden in Astoria. Boy is about to finish school after what feels like forever, so we had lots to celebrate. It was a quiet party with the handful of friends who were actually in town (the curse of the summer birthday I've been suffering all my life – next year I'm going to wait until October and celebrate the anniversary of my bar mitzvah...which was delayed because of the summer birthday), and a perfect, breezy, New York summer night.

Boy left for a previously-planned trip on Saturday morning. I never sleep well when I've had too much to drink (omg I'm getting old!) so after making myself a delightfully huge hangover breakfast I took to the couch where I almost literally spent the entire day. It was, I have to say, an absolutely delightful way to spend my birthday. I was in bed again by 10:30.

After 9 blissful hours of sleep, I made another overly-caloric breakfast (hey, it's my birthday weekend), cleaned the apartment and did laundry and was done with my weekend chores by 1:00. I let the smug feeling from that carry me right back to the couch, where I've spent the rest of the day. I watched Never Sleep Again, a four hour (really?) documentary about Nightmare On Elm Street that made me want to watch the whole series again (I have my three favorites that I've seen over and over, but haven't seen the other 5 in years); and 2012, which felt like 4 hours but was also surprisingly enjoyable; and lots of BBC America. Now Boy is home and we're working on the DVR.

Laziest. Birthday. EVER. Awesome.

Unrelated: I edited the iPad post from the other day and added a couple of cons. I'd thought of them earlier but then forgot them as the post dragged on and on, and remembered as soon as I picked the iPad up again. I also added a couple more app recommendations. Nothing that changes my bottom line opinion on the thing though.

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