Saturday, April 09, 2011

Netflix Queue Challenge: Legion

Legion is a thoughtful meditation on faith, violence, and mankind's relationship to God, and a fascinating spin on biblical myths.

Just kidding, it's a horror movie in which God decides to smite humanity and sends down His buff, tattooed angels to kill us all. And also zombies, sort of. And there's a character named Jeep. And it is AWESOME.

I realize this won't help the case I made in my last post about my taste in movies, but I loved this. It's not good, but it's everything I want a movie like this to be. I feel like the filmmakers took it totally seriously, but were never afraid to reach insane heights of batshittery, and to include lines like "Are you asking me to explain the behavior of a motherfucking pestilence?" It's campy without ever trying to be campy. If Red Riding Hood had gone over the top like this, I would have liked it a lot more.

It's also, at times, genuinely scary. It reminded me of Stephen King right before he went off the rails. Like somewhere between Misery and The Regulators. The tiny truck stop in the middle of nowhere had a very King feel, down to the outdated jukebox, the colorful stereotypes with tragic backstories, and the mystical black man short order cook. The possessed ice cream man had an especially Kingish feel to him, as did the possessed little girl, who of course had a balloon, because all small children carry balloons at all times, especially after they've been made into angel-zombies.

Whether you enjoy Legion will depend entirely on your tolerance for this type of movie in general. It's sort of a perfect bad movie, with pretty decent performances, special effects, and action sequences, in service of an absolutely ludicrous idea. It made me coin the word "heinolarious."

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