Monday, May 09, 2011


Look, I really like The Hunger Games, but I don't understand these people (and I am friends with some of them) who are all in a tizzy about the casting. First of all, if you're the sort of person who's getting worked up about actors' hair color, is there any possible way you'd enjoy this movie under any circumstances? Clearly, no depiction of these characters will ever match the image in your head, which is in fact the nature of filming a book (I suppose Harry Potter might be an exception, since it was illustrated - and that worked out okay). Also, deeply faithful adaptations of books rarely work, since the media are different and changes are actually necessary to make a good movie. This is even true of plays, which are obviously closer than books. So you'll be annoyed about that. Finally, there's just a really good chance it will be terrible.

Of the many things to hate about the Twilight movies (to be clear, I hate the books too, I'm shifting to a slightly new argument), I hate the painfully awful hair on many of the actors the most. If it's that important to have someone be blonde, cast a blonde. Or spend some decent money on dye and wigs, and don't make pretty people look ugly for no good reason. Which I realize is kind of the argument of the Hunger Games whackos, but my point is that it's not that important. Peeta's blondness is not a plot point. It's not relevant in any way at all. I would rather see a good actor who's fun to look at with the "wrong" color hair, than spend two hours looking at a wig line or thinking about conditioner.

I'm not saying I'm not interested in the casting of this movie and the conversations about it (clearly I am, or I wouldn't be writing about it), but interest and investment/caring/consternation/upset are not the same thing.

I started writing this a couple of weeks ago, when the internet exploded over news of…somebody, I don't even remember. I didn't post it because I couldn't think of a snappy ending. I still can't, but today Mark tried to start a Twitter meme of #UpcomingHungerGamesCasting. It didn't really take off but there are some funny ones, so I'll let that be my snappy ending! And I will totally see the movie, and most likely complain about it. But just because that's what I do.


mcm said...

The only argument I can see is that, yes, Peeta should look somehow different from Katniss and Gail... the idea that the kids from the seam had the olive skin seemed, to me, to be a reminder of how ingrained socioeconomic status is - that, clearly, their families had been at the bottom for generations, whereas Peeta's family (and those who looked like him) had not. Other than that, though... seriously? who cares?

Adam said...

I agree with that completely, but again, that can all be done with makeup and hair and clothes.

mcm said...

See, I'd say more makeup and hair, less clothes.