Thursday, July 07, 2011

Buffy Rewatch: Prologue

The AV Club has a great feature called TV Club Classic where, when things get slow in the TV season, they revisit older shows. For a while now, Noel Murray has been watching - for the first time - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and later Angel alongside it). I love Buffy, and I loved watching Murray discover the show for the first time. I thought I should watch it again myself.

I didn't get around to it (that Murray is almost done tells you how long I've been not getting around to it), and in the meantime Logo started showing them. Logo tends to favor the later seasons (lesbians!), and frequently shows episodes in a seemingly random order. So I kept dipping into Buffy pretty regularly, and enjoyed rediscovering later episodes that I hadn't been wild about the first time around, finding them much more enjoyable when removed from the burden of how great the first few years had been. There's also the Season 8 graphic novel series, coming out in dribs and drabs for like two years, which isn't very good but it's kept the characters around. So I still didn't get around to starting from the beginning.

Then Logo did a "Fan Favorites" vote and marathon, and Joe was, shall we say, disturbed. And rightly so. He made his own list, which was delightful, and reading it made me finally start my own rewatch.

And then I stopped. Four episodes into Season 2. There was new TV to watch, and Netflix queues being challenged. In the meantime, though, Amazon had an amazing sale on the complete series DVD set, which seemed like a sign. And an ex-intern from work started watching for the first time too. He'll randomly IM or text me with things like, "Xander and Cordelia? Really??" and it's been fun to vicariously watch it with him at the same age I was when I watched it the first time.

Long story short (too late), I finally resumed my rewatch last week! As I watched, I had thoughts. And since I'm trying to blog more, and I like goals, I thought I'd write about those thoughts. These won't be recaps; the sites linked above and of course TWOP have already done this far better than I ever could. I'll just be doing impressions, short posts, a few episodes (probably by disc) at a time. Based on the readers of this blog I know personally, I'm guessing a lot of you are Buffy fans too. And if not, you know, you can skip these posts; I won't be offended (or know). I highly recommend the show, of course, if you haven't seen it. It's on Netflix Instant. I'll be spoiling here, so definitely skip if you're going to watch!

And, BONUS: I convinced the super-smart, feminist high horse-riding MCM to do this with me (it really didn't take much convincing). We're already out of sync, since she's starting at the beginning and I'm picking up where I left off, so we'll be linking to each other and commenting on each other's posts as they come. I'll be putting up my first one in a couple of days, giving her time to catch up a little.

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