Monday, July 18, 2011

Buffy Rewatch: Season 2, Episodes 9-12

Hey, are you reading MCM's awesome rewatch recaps too? Because they're awesome! And she started at the beginning, so we're not even covering the same ground yet. Go here for them!

What's My Line, parts 1 and 2
I know a lot of fans turned on Marti Noxon, but I always really liked her writing. Still do. But I find it interesting that she not only got an important two-parter as her first credited episode, but then wrote four out of five in a row. This one strikes me now as very over-written. It has lots of lines I remember even though I haven't seen it in years (including one of my favorite Buffy/Angel exchanges ever: "How do you know [about that]?" "I lurk."), but it's also aggressively quirky in a Diablo Cody sort of way that I guess I liked when I was 23 but find deeply annoying now.

But one of those moments stuck: Xander says to Cordelia, "Come on, if you want to be a member of the Scooby Gang, you've gotta be willing to be inconvenienced now and then." Is this the first use of "Scooby Gang" on the show? In this context it makes perfect sense - Xander is actually using it ironically as a joke. I always found it weird later on when they referred to themselves like that, as if a fan thing had crossed over into the writers' room, but here it makes sense that it's an in-joke with the group.

This is a big episode for the…Scoobies. Willow and Oz finally meet for real, and Xander and Cordelia hook up (which seems as sudden now as it did then; I was actually thinking "Oh, look at how they're laying the groundwork for that" as I watched, expecting it to happen in a few episodes, but then it happened in 5 minutes). This is also our introduction to Kendra, a divisive character who I always liked. But boy is her accent worse than I remember. (And if she's all unsocialized and all slay all the time, why would she dress like that?)

Not much to say about this one except, "Aw, John Ritter." Also: "So creepy, John Ritter!"

Bad Eggs
Bad episode! Actually, it's not nearly as bad as I remember. But wow, the cowboy vampires. There's some nice stuff with Joyce here, and a conversation about how Buffy and Angel can't have a "normal" future that I'm pretty sure The Vampire Diaries lifted word for word last season.


mcm said...

That's right, I was never sure if Kendra was supposed to be Jamaican or black Irish! (I suspect she wasn't sure, either.)

Also, I'm a little embarrassed for you that you know Vampire Diaries that well.

Adam807 said...

Not "that well", it was a major scene in the season finale! Also, that show is AMAZING. So much batshittery, so much delightful scenery chewing, so much Ian Sommerhalder (really those three things are one in the same).