Sunday, July 24, 2011

Odds and Ends

I spent some time this weekend catching up on my reading, and discovered this post about Google+ in Slate by Farhad Manjoo. I frequently find Manjoo insufferable (let's not fight over the content of that link, it's the tone I can't stand), so I was surprised to see we'd written almost the exact same post. But hey, nice to be backed up by a major tech columnist.

This made the rounds a few weeks ago, and I resisted posting it because this blog was coming dangerously close to becoming Muppet Call. But as Jenn said, it seems to have been made for me, given my other interests as well:

Related: If you missed the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode "inspired by" Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, find it and watch it (that link is to iTunes, but I assume it will be rerun at some point). It's not actually a good Law & Order episode, but as a send-up it's unbelievably brilliant. Cynthia Nixon somehow manages to do an impression of Julie Taymor's face, despite looking nothing like her, and not trying in any way to do her voice. And the costume designer deserves all the awards.

The full trailer for The Muppets came out around the same time, and I held back from posting for the same reason and then forgot about it.

I have mixed feelings. I loved seeing them all there, and it looks like it might be good, but Kermit's voice alone might be enough to make more than a minute of it unbearable. I have larger thoughts on that that I'll reserve until I've seen the whole movie. But also just as I was having that thought, there's that moment with Jim Henson's voice on the car radio, which is a very weird combination of incredibly sweet and incredibly cheap. Which, actually, might define the Muppets at their best. So we'll see.


Heidi said...

I don't do New Kermit.

Adam807 said...

I feel like I've heard him done better than this in the past. Which is weird. Why wouldn't they bring their A-players to the movie?