Monday, July 04, 2011

Stuff I Like!

A couple of weeks ago over margaritas, Joe mentioned that he liked my Muppet post in part because "it was so sweet and normally you hate everything" (or words to that effect; there were several margaritas). It was Joe who called me "a finely tuned hate machine" (affectionately?), which immediately became the new tagline of this blog and in fact inspired Crankypants J. Hatemachine's last name.

This is a big part of my personality, and an even bigger part of my online persona. It's genuine - I am deeply judgmental, and very easily irritated, impatient, and a natural contrarian. In college, my best friend and I were often compared to Statler and Waldorf.

But I also have the capacity to be a total softie. I think they're connected. Whatever it is in me that moves me so quickly to snap, can also easily trigger tears. It's not that my heart is cold and dead, its passion swings both ways (not like that). So not to blow the whole crankypants persona, but I started thinking about all the things I am a total sucker for. One might say, "defensively." It was a little weird to find myself in a position where I had to be all, "Hey! I like stuff!" but I know I brought it on myself. Anyway, some pop culture weaknesses came to mind and I started writing and then, typically, didn't finish. But now I'm back. This is a very incomplete list; it's literally just the things that popped into my head at the bar and on my way home. Again, please remember there were margaritas.

Moulin Rouge
I love this movie. This movie is why I feel so betrayed by Nicole Kidman's creepy new face. I have a playlist on my iPod of all the songs from the movie, in the right order, from the two soundtracks and a couple ripped from the DVD. I am not a crackpot. It's musical theater manipulation at its finest, with the soaring strings and the very dramatic tangos. I can watch it forever. Related:

Musical Theater
Duh. Also, kids who love musical theater, which makes me feel like I haven't completely wasted my life. Also, while not actually my favorite show, Once On This Island gets me every time. There's a great documentary called After the Storm about a bunch of kids putting on a benefit performance of the show in post-Katrina New Orleans which isn't on DVD (yet?) but is worth keeping an eye out for on TV.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
More on this soon.

Star Wars
Not much to say here. I've never put on Jedi robes or bought a light saber or written fan fiction, but I know an awful lot about these movies, and have even been known to be a bit of an apologist for the prequels (a bit!). I will watch any of the original trilogy any time they're on TV. I have all the soundtracks and for the original trilogy can largely tell you what's happening while any moment of music is playing. I think I have decent nerd cred, but this is certainly my nerdiest.

Say Anything
I'm not a big romantic comedy guy, but Say Anything always works. In hindsight I think Lloyd Dobler is maybe kind of a dick. I mean, standing outside someone's house with a boom box? There are laws against that. If the movie were made today he'd be an annoying hipster, wouldn't he? But I don't care.

Kurt's Dad
Glee is a deeply flawed show, but any storyline involving Kurt and his dad inevitably gets me. It's almost like those scenes are pulled from a different show, but that's kind of why they work. I don't think I'd want a whole show of them. The contrast is part of the point.

I mean, obviously.
Week 24: June 4 - Blockheads


mcm said...

Given that I am still pleasantly surprised every time I am reminded that you actually like my child (such is your capacity for hate and cynicism), I am happy to be reminded of other things you like as well.

naginata said...

Aw I love the softie side! I am also judgey mcjudgerson and I hate a lot of things. I have to say in my limited knowledge of you & Joe he comes off a lot more cranky than you. I'm sure you're full of hate though! :)

Scarlettb said...

Ooh, were you at that place on the UES with the monkey mascots on the walls? Because they make a SICK margarita with a corona in it. I can't remember the name of it now, but my BFF and I used to go there and get trashed off of, like, ONE. And we are not lightweights.

Adam807 said...

Blockheads on 50th between 8th and 9th. But they do have monkey mascots so maybe there's another branch on the UES? It ain't classy, but the drinks are cheap and the food is pretty good and the chips are plentiful.