Monday, August 01, 2011

Dog Days of Summer Movies: Summer Stock

I was delighted and flattered to be asked to participate in Tomato Nation's Dog Days of Summer Movies Festival with a bunch of really fabulous bloggers. We're assessing summery movies, not like summer blockbusters (so, more Dirty Dancing than Transformers), and having seen the line-up I'm super-excited to read everyone else's posts.

My first post is up today, on the Judy Garland/Gene Kelly not-quite-classic Summer Stock. It's not technically part of the Netflix Queue Challenge because I picked it off of Sarah's list and it wasn't actually in my Netflix queue, but I sort of feel like any classic movie I "should" have seen but haven't should count, even if it's not bringing my queue numbers down. And somehow I've lived 36 years, most of them openly gay, and had never seen a Judy Garland film except for The Wizard of Oz until now. That's not right. This probably wasn't the best place to start, but it does have this classic fabulousness, which, as part of the never-explained show within the show, is just as context-free in the movie as it is here:

Anyway, head over there for the full post, and keep following along all month for what promises to be a lot of fun.

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