Sunday, August 07, 2011

Netflix Queue Challenge: Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

I honestly don't remember putting Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure in my Netflix queue. But it keeps coming up in my suggestions of things Netflix thinks I'd like, and there was a trailer on the Tangled DVD. I finally gave in and it was already there. This explains a lot about my queue. There are things in it that I not only don't remember putting there, I don't remember they exist.

But I do love High School Musical. I am not ashamed. I DVRed the original one day at the height of its popularity because I figured I should see what all the fuss was about. I mean, I love and work in musical theater, and this thing was allegedly getting kids interested in musical theater, so I should take a look. And honestly, they had me at the basketball number. I watched the second one completely excuse-free, and saw the third one in the theater. I went to the ice show. (Okay, small excuse there: I was just deeply curious to know how the hell that was going to work, especially the aforementioned basketball number.) And I had a blast. For a while HSM was the only thing I could have a conversation about with Boy's niece. And then one day even she was like, "Wait, why do you know so much about High School Musical?"

I just like them. They know exactly what they are, and they're fun, and they're pretty well made. The songs are perfectly crafted, hopelessly catchy pop songs - not exactly Sondheim but they do what they need to do and make me happy when they shuffle up on my iPod. These are not great movies, or great musicals, but they're perfectly enjoyable fluff.

I also like Ashley Tisdale. She's very funny hamming it up as the "villain" of the HSM movies, and while I didn't stick with the show, I really liked her on Hellcats, taking a character who could've been a hateful cliche and making her both real and charming. So yesterday, as I enjoyed a very lazy solo Couch Saturday, I figured I'd give it a shot.

Turns out, a little Sharpay goes a long way. As you know, I watch a lot of crap. So it says a lot that I couldn't finish this, even as background to reading. It's not just bad, it's boring. This is not a character that needed to be revisited (none of them do, really — who wants to find out that Troy wound up mowing lawns at the golf course while Gabriella got fat having 5 kids? Oh come on, you know that's what happens!) and the new characters are even more bland than the original HSM crew. And look, I don't need something like this to be realistic (no one goes angry-dancing through golf courses either), but what is with people on TV befriending stage doormen and getting let into empty, perfectly lit theaters, completely unsupervised? This does not happen. I mean, I get it, it's a stupid showbiz fantasy movie, but all fantasy needs rules that make sense to be believable. And while I'm at it, Toronto does not look even remotely like New York, you can't rent furnished apartments in luxury co-ops (can you? I mean, there are luxury rentals, but a "plot" point here hinged on the co-op board), and casting directors don't cast dogs, animal trainers do. And all that was just in the 30 minutes I actually watched!

On the bright side, Sharpay's mom is Nan Flanagan from True Blood! And the Wikipedia entry for this movie (come on, I had to find out how it ended!) is one of most hilariously badly written things I've read in a while. Read that instead of watching this movie!

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