Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some random links and videos in stuff in lieu of a proper post

Oops, I haven't been doing so well with the blogging thing lately. It happens. I've actually been making decent headway on the Netflix Queue Challenge, but not posting about it.

And I'm not going to now. Just some quick links and things I felt like sharing….

First, of course, a bunch of Muppety things:

In case you missed it the other day, this video with OK Go and the Muppets is deeply weird and pretty great. I actually kind of hate the hipster arrangement of the song, but the video is fun, especially the very last scene. Rowlf and sheep are both pretty sure-fire winners.

I was surprised how much I like the rest of the album that's from, a collection of bands I've mostly never heard of covering songs the Muppets made famous. Doesn't it sound insufferable? But it mostly totally works for me! In the same way I find Jason Segal's Muppet love endearing, I like the idea that these musicians have been fantasizing about getting an opportunity to do this for their whole lives. Especially the guys who did "Movin' Right Along." You can, for now at least, listen to the whole thing at NPR.

Finally, Boy and I went to the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image last week. I was a little disappointed that there weren't more puppets, props, etc., but the focus was less on the Muppets and more on Henson as an individual artist. There was lots of fabulous artwork and insight into his thought and design process. And yes, there were Muppets - some replicas made for the exhibit by the Muppet Workshop, but also a delightfully worn Bert and Ernie, and some beautiful props and costumes from The Dark Crystal.

My favorite part of the exhibit was a bunch of old commercials they made in the 60s. They're deeply, deeply weird and dark! I guess nowadays we have the Schick bush-trimmer ad and pretzel M&M's, but I still found these somehow shockingly strange.

This one was my favorite:

This was a close second:

These are pretty great too:

(You can really fall down a YouTube hole with these.)

Okay, done with Muppets! Some more odds and ends...

Funny Or Die feels the same way I do about the Netflix price hike:

Last year when I posted about Facebook, I said that one of the only privacy things I'd like to see changed is the fact that tagged photos of you go live without your prior approval. And they just changed that! I'm sure it had nothing to do with me! Still, it's a good thing.

Last but certainly not least, Michaela is continuing her Buffy rewatch and writing great stuff. She's quickly catching up to me, which isn't why I haven't watched "Becoming" yet, but it might work out nicely. I wanted to share this story:

I remember, way back in 1997, the teasers for this episode promised that we would meet Buffy's very first boyfriend (of course, we learn in the actual ep that she just had a crush on Ford in 5th grade). And at the time, discussing with Adam807 how awesome it would be if it were a guest spot by Luke Perry as Pike. I share this anecdote merely to illustrate that we've ALWAYS been this way.

It's true, we have.

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