Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Netflix Queue Challenge: Country Strong

I was so bored by this movie even the prospect of writing about it puts me to sleep. What a disappointment! I was expecting campy ridiculousness along the lines of Burlesque or Showgirls but it was all just such a downer. I guess it's a compliment that it wasn't laughably bad? But it wasn't actually good either, just self-serious and plodding. It's so badly paced and so awkwardly written, that when the big secret the movie's been hinting about for over an hour was finally revealed, I had to rewind because I missed it.

The performances are fine, I guess. It's hard to tell. I have nothing against Gwyneth and I thought she did a good job with both the acting and the singing. It was nice to see Leighton Meester doing a pretty big 180 from Gossip Girl (the only thing I've seen her in). The men were utterly bland and forgettable. I don't really care for country music, but as far as I could tell the music was well done. I especially liked how much Leighton Meester's songs sounded like Taylor Swift.

Oops, yeah, I've bored myself. It's so disappointing when a fun bad movie turns out to just be bad.

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