Monday, September 05, 2011

Netflix Queue Challenge: Romy and Veronica Mars' Summer Camp Sci Fi Reunion

August kind of got in the way of my big plans to rewatch lots of old TV and tear through my Netflix queue. I blame Bravo and Logo, mostly. But I did watch some movies and then didn't get around to blogging about them. It turns out, not too surprisingly, that these are much less fun to write when I enjoy something without having a strong opinion about it than when I really love or hate something. Anyway, here are some short reviews.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
I was a little nervous to watch this, for fear that it would be too much for the same friends who were already mad at me for not liking Clueless if I didn't like it. But I really liked this one! I wanted to see it when it came out, but didn't, and it just never made its way to the top of my queue. In the meantime, I forgot what it was about, or maybe I never knew. I mean, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, obviously. But is there another movie where two women kill someone at their high school reunion, or did I make that up? Either way, that's not this! I knew it was a comedy but wasn't prepared for just how weird it is. Or for how great the supporting cast is. It's ridiculous, but if anyone can pull off ridiculous it's Lisa Kudrow, Alan Cumming and Jeanine Garofalo (Mira Sorvino less so but I enjoyed her too). And (spoiler alert!) this is the most amazing thing ever:

You Again
This is a formulaic, completely predictable comedy, of the sort I think we're seeing a lot of lately, but I thoroughly enjoyed it thanks to the cast. Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Victor Garber, and Sigourney Weaver could basically sell me any movie. Betty White and Kristin Chenoweth are doing schtick we've seen from them a million times, but they're used sparingly so it stays pretty funny. I can't say this is a good movie, but I found it delightful anyway.

Wet Hot American Summer
I really didn't think I was going to like this. I'm not much of a comedy nerd, and tend not to like a lot of the people in this who comedy nerds go crazy for (I like a lot of them too, which is the nice thing about a giant cast like this). And I figured ten years of hype would work against it. But it's totally fun! (Duh.) I've never seen most of the camp movies it's parodying, but I feel like they got camp itself really right (even though I went to a very different sort of camp), and I appreciated that affection and grounding in reality as things got completely ridiculous. It's hardly a revelation to say Wet Hot American Summer is funny. But it's maybe a little shocking that I liked it, given my usual reactions to...everything.

Doctor Who: The City of Death
Well, this is just terrible. When I started watching the Doctor Who reboot (which I love), I checked out an original serial just to get a sense of what it was. I accidentally chose wisely, with a story ("The Genesis of the Daleks") that was fairly enjoyable, and which I guess was Russell T. Davies' favorite too, since things from it came up over and over again in the new series, including one of the actors. I know not to expect too much from the original series, but every once in a while I read about an old story on io9 or AV Club and toss it in my queue. I might stop doing that. I wish I could remember what made me pick this one because there's absolutely nothing to recommend it, not even as camp. It's deathly dull. I know that there are better episodes than this, but with 25 years worth to choose from it seems that more are awful than not, and it's hard to believe the show, well, ran for 25 years! I'm glad it did, because it gave us the new version, and I know the original was for kids and all,'s just not any good. I try not to make blanket statements like that, since my taste is not yours and whatever, but trust me on this one.

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Mike said...

I think I saw Romy and Michele not long after it came out on video. I know I liked it, even though Mira Sorvino's accent bugged me a little. Garofalo was pretty great, too.
Overall an enjoyable movie.

I've never seen "Wet Hot American Summer" either. Probably for much that same reason as you. I'm still afraid to tell people I don't like "Office Space."