Sunday, June 10, 2012

Here I Go Again

Well, I guess it's time for my annual "oops I said I was going to get back to blogging regularly but I failed but now I'm going to try again this time I mean it" post.

I am behind on everything. I struggle to stay within 30 days current with Google Reader (after which time unread items disappear), I have hours of un-listened-to podcasts, the DVR is at a steady 65% or so, and my Netflix queue continues to push its upper limit. My attempt to read more books is going well, but slowly, and every week my list of Kindle samples grows. And then there's that job I get paid for.

I'm not complaining. I make choices about what I read and watch and Listen to, and I feel lucky to live in a time with so much great TV (or terrible TV that I enjoy thoroughly), so many people writing such great things online, smart and funny podcasts, the ability to watch almost any movie I want almost whenever I want, and the computer in my pocket to take it all with me. I make sure to keep up on Google Reader because I want to read that stuff. It's not all Smash recaps and pictures of kittens -- I consume more news now than I ever have, and I feel informed and connected.

So the writing is what falls behind. The worst habit I've gotten into with it is starting a post (or getting an idea for a paragraph or two) and not finishing it, resulting in the whole thing feeling sort of like homework I have to finish. And since I'm just doing this for fun, with no illusions that more than a few people are reading this, those deadlines don't amount to much. But I seem to go through phases, so here I am trying again. I'm going to try to set aside time to write more just as I've been trying to read more. I'll probably start with those unfinished posts...prepare for some internet time travel!


naginata said...

I was happy to see a post if that helps to motivate you. :)
Writing has to be one of the tougher disiplines. One reason I don't do much of it!

Adam807 said...

It does, actually. Thanks!