Thursday, October 03, 2013

Mexican Pizza

I was excited about this recipe on paper, then super skeptical about it while I was making it. The "sauce" smelled kinda weird in the food processor, and then everything piled so high on dough that seemed too thick. 

But then I opened the oven and it smelled amazing, and it all came together kind of perfectly. Because it uses traditional pizza dough (I used FreshDirect's, which comes frozen in 1/2 pound balls) it tasted inherently pizza-ish, not like I'd made some kind of giant mutant nacho. It's definitely messy, more a knife-and-fork event than I usually like my pizza, but it worked. I might add some chorizo next time, though it certainly doesn't need it and is a great vegetarian option. 

ETA: I don't have a pizza stone and frankly don't understand what they are supposed to do. I make pizza all the time, always just on a baking sheet, and it's always great. I live a middle class existence in New York, I don't have room for that shit.

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